MINIMALISM for Sal Romano

by Corrine Robins

From "Today's Menu" published by Marsh Hawk Press


Less is the face behind the face,

discovered, gone beyond.

What you see is not more than

what you get.

A black form — the shadow moving

gently on the wall

counts toward my solidity.

The box is a holder

reflecting the holiness

of four sides. What made them

think getting is the only issue?

Tomorrow reading with fingers

the weight, the risk of touch,

we know that on a dark night,

presence with no lights or shoulder markers,

dark pavement moves through a landscape

as in an open room we live in the shadow

of a white form, holistic, unitary

stripped of incident.

And, and, and, but, but

gone, not going on.

Follow — follow

there are directions to be learned

across the floor where

less is severity

in the service of poetry.

The top of a bright blue wall

moves forward above our heads.

And above our heads, the endless blue,

less laid bare, slow movement,

silent music, emptiness filling up